The Twelve Books of Christmas: The Three Cedars by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho also wrote a Christmas-themed story ‒ The Three Cedars. It starts like a fairytale:

My grandmother told the following story: three cedar trees sprouted in the once beautiful forests of Lebanon. As is known, cedar trees take a long time to grow, and these trees spent whole centuries contemplating life, death, nature, and mankind…

One day, they talked about the future. The first tree wished to be made into the throne of the most powerful king on Earth. The second wished to be part of something that turns Evil into Good forever. And the third wished that everyone who looks at it thinks of God. More time passed before woodcutters came, felled the cedars, and shipped them far away.

Each of those trees had a wish, but reality never asks what to do with dreams…

All three cedars were disappointed, appalled, and hurt by their fate. But in the end, they realized that their wishes had come true, just not the way they had imagined.

What do you think about this story? Is it another variation of the saying: Be careful what you wish for? Or does it tell us to have faith in the providence and its workings?

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