Author Interview: Nikki Nelson Hicks

Tell us something about your book. The Jake Istenhegyi: The Accidental Detective series is an arc of six stories that follow our bemused hero as he goes deeper and deeper down a terrifying labyrinth of mystery and magic. It is set in New Orleans in the 1930’s. The first story, A Chick, a Witch, andContinue reading “Author Interview: Nikki Nelson Hicks”

Your Children are Boring by Tom James

My neighbor has an adorable three-year-old son, so adorable that you just have to smile whenever you see him. However, I had to unsubscribe from seeing the mother’s news updates because every single day she posts the boy’s photo while eating, standing, sitting, sleeping… with captions such as “The love of my soul, my heart,Continue reading “Your Children are Boring by Tom James”

Guest Post: Daniel D. Hickey

Leaping Into Self-Publishing By Daniel Hickey Sunday March 7th turned out to be a good day to launch my first book.  The day has sentimental value and I think this may have been less crowded than other days.  Worried sick about my cover and description, I rewrote the latter the night before and I’m stillContinue reading “Guest Post: Daniel D. Hickey”

Author Interview: John B. Rosenman

Tell us something about your book. Inspector of the Cross is the first novel of a six book series, and it features an unusual hero. Thanks to suspended animation, Turtan is over 3500 years old and travels on freeze ships to distant worlds.  His mission is to investigate weapons that might help humanity turn theContinue reading “Author Interview: John B. Rosenman”

Author Interview: Brand J. Alexander

Tell us something about your book. Rise of Tears, book one of the Tears of Hatsunae series, is the beginning of more than just the series. It begins my entire literary universe. The prologue of the book is the literal genesis of my universe and every world that comes after. When I was going throughContinue reading “Author Interview: Brand J. Alexander”

Author Interview: Michael Ross

Tell us something about your book. My Fairy Garden is a book that I had written to help and inspire children, particularly through lockdown. I invited young children to draw me fairies and name them and I put them in my book. I thought I may get 10 tops? In fact I ended up withContinue reading “Author Interview: Michael Ross”

Author Interview: Troy Young

Tell us something about your book. The book I want to discuss (I published six last year) is The (Extra)ordinary Life of Jimmie Mayfield. (is it extraordinary or extra ordinary? That’s for the reader to decide). It’s a humorous coming of age tale about an unemployed man who is approaching his 30th birthday.  He feelsContinue reading “Author Interview: Troy Young”

Author Interview: Mark Beales

Tell us something about your book. Did You Know? is a collection of trivia from around the world. It’s packed with the answers to life’s most nagging questions, such as ‘what’s the difference between a ship and a boat?’ and ‘who put the “s” in island?’ It also poses some killer questions linked to languageContinue reading “Author Interview: Mark Beales”

Author Interview: Dushica Labovich

Tell us something about your book. PRIDE AND INTENTIONS is THE NOTEBOOK meets PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! And only a few months after I self-published it, the book will finally be traditionally released in the spring of 2021 by wonderful NY „The Wild Rose Press“, acclaimed as one of the top romance publishers. It is aContinue reading “Author Interview: Dushica Labovich”